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The Center for Adaptive Innovation, Resilience, Ethics and Science advances sustainability science, values, practices and policies through interdisciplinary research and partnering. It develops innovative scholarship, programs, and products that further environmental conservation, social empowerment, resilient communities, and responsible entrepreneurship. By wedding creativity to ethics, systems thinking, and collaborative enterprise, CAIRES develops sustainable solutions that benefit people and planet. Learn More =>


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Improving Interdisciplinary Research on Campus

  In medieval times, anyone entering a university would study the seven liberal arts of grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.  After this classical training, students had the opportunity to study in one of three areas: law, medicine, or ... Read more

Sustainability Research Assistance Projects

Research assistance projects organize and extensively train well-balanced teams of students to assist faculty in advancing their scholarship and exploiting research funding opportunities. Juniors and seniors gain course credit and crucial skills in library, online, and/or ... Read more

Revibe turns rubbish into rhythm

CAIRES is developing a program that transforms rubbish into rhythm. Partnering with a local non-profit organization, (Re)Connection partners UF Student Volunteers with Gainesville’s special needs community. Adults with developmental disabilities accompanied by UF volunteers ... Read more