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David Kaplan


Assistant Professor

Environmental Engineering Sciences/College of Engineering

Email: dkaplan@ufl.edu

Phone: (352) 392-8439

Website: http://www.watershedecology.org

Relevant Past Projects:

Quantifying a novel ecosystem service of oyster reefs: estuarine freshwater entrainment (co-PI), Florida SeaGrant.

Establishing a Natural Resources-Based “Adaptation Action Area” for the town of Yankeetown, FL (PI), Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

Predicting the effects of water use, climate change, and sea-level rise on saline and freshwater communities of the Lower Suwannee and Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuges, FL (PI), US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Current projects:

Hydrologic transformation in the Amazon basin: reconciling economy, society, and the environment in the world’s largest watershed (PI), UF Water Institute.

Modeling the connections between hydrology, water quality, and ecosystem health to support coastal preservation efforts across the Northern Gulf Coast (PI), National Park Service/United States Geological Survey Water Quality Partnership.

Collaborative Research Initiative on Sustainability and Protection of Springs (co-PI), St. Johns River Water Management District.

Grant Experience:

Managing forests for increased regional water availability (co-PI), $637,725, Suwannee River, St. Johns River, South Florida, Southwest Florida, and Northwest Florida Water Management Districts/Florida Division of Agricultural and Consumer Services/Florida Department of Environmental Protection.


Sustainability related courses:


ENV6309 Wetland Design and Restoration

EES6308 Wetland Ecology 

Ecological Engineering EES

IDH3931 (Un)Common Read: A Prosperous Way Down